Chorées Débutantes 2017/2018

 HOOKED ON COUNTRY Hooked on country écritHooked on country écrit (109.04 Ko) - 01 hooked on countryHooked on country music (5.82 Mo)

LITTLE WAGON WHEEL Little wagon wheel ecritLittle wagon wheel écrit (179.87 Ko) - Little wagon wheel musicLittle wagon wheel music (3.82 Mo)

COUNTRY AS CAN BE Country as can be ecritCountry as can be écrit (274.71 Ko) - 01 country as can be brady seals country as a boy can be 1 201 country as can be music (3.07 Mo)

SHORE THING Shore thing originalShore thing écrit (47.21 Ko) - Shore thingShore thing (7.84 Mo)

BEAUTIFUL DAY Beautiful day ecritBeautiful day écrit (95.78 Ko) - Beautiful day musicBeautiful day music (3.45 Mo)

CRASH AND BURN Crash and burn originalCrash and burn écrit (8.27 Ko) - Crash and burnCrash and burn music (2.89 Mo)

ANOTHER COUNTRY Another country ecritAnother country ecrit (817.01 Ko) - Another countryAnother country music (4.78 Mo)

SOMETHING IN THE WATER Something in the water ecritSomething in the water écrit (29.44 Ko) - 10 something in the water brook fraser10 something in the water music (3.74 Mo)

MOUNTAIN TO THE SEA Mountains to the sea ecritMountains to the sea écrit (131.29 Ko) - Mary black imelda may mountains to the seaMountains to the sea music (3.31 Mo)

BROKEN HEART Broken heart ecritBroken heart écrit (84.87 Ko) - Broken heart musicBroken heart music (9.92 Mo)

LOUISIANA STRUT  Louisiana strut ecrit 1Louisiana strut écrit (2.09 Mo) - Louisiana strut 1Louisiana strut music (5.8 Mo)

JUST LIKE THAT Just like that close to youJust like that écrit (263.32 Ko) - Just like that close to youJust like that music (263.32 Ko)

LIVE TO LOVE Choree live to loveLive to love écrit (258.35 Ko) - Something you just don t forget musicSomething you just don t forget music (2.9 Mo)

TUSH PUSH Tush push pdfTush push écrit (102.32 Ko) - Tush push musicTush push music (5.96 Mo)

AMERICAN KIDS Americain kids ecritAmericain kids écrit (253.9 Ko) - American kids kenny chesney musicAmerican kids kenny chesney music (2.81 Mo)

BULLFROG ON A LOG Bullfrog on a log ecritBullfrog on a log écrit (141.15 Ko) - Bullfrop on a log tim hicks musicBullfrop on a log tim hicks music (3.18 Mo)

CHEYENNE'S ROCK Cheyenne s rockCheyenne's rock écrit (137.2 Ko) - Cheyenne s rockCheyenne's rock (2.05 Mo)

DRIKING WITH DOLLY Drinking with dolly ecritDrinking with dolly écrit (33.97 Ko) - Drinking with dolly music 1Drinking with dolly music 1 (3.08 Mo)

EASY BUSH PARTY Easy bush party ecritEasy bush party écrit (109.86 Ko) - Easy bush party musicEasy bush party music (3.36 Mo)

HUNGOVER Hungover ecritHungover écrit (30.01 Ko) - Hungover musicHungover music (9.09 Mo)

ON THE WAVES On the wavesOn the waves écrit (33.13 Ko) - On the waveOn the wave music (3.74 Mo)